Publications about the Soacha Case

Amnesty International Publications that mention the case of the Soacha Extra Judicial Executions (EJEs) 


  • Amnesty International Annual Report 2009 – Colombia


  • Colombia : Former head of the army must be investigated for human rights violations, AI Index: AMR 23/041/2008, 05 November 2008



  • Colombia : Amnesty International’s statement to the 10th session of the UN Human Rights Council (2-27 March 2009), AI Index: AMR 23/004/2009,13 February 2009



  • MURDERED MAN'S BROTHER THREATENED. A man whose brother was killed by the security forces has received death threats. His life is in danger, Index: AMR 23/026/2009, UA: 299/09, 05 November 2009


Press links with information about the case  



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Nuevas amenazas contra denunciantes de ‘falsos positivos’ en Soacha


ONU anuncia vigilancia a procesos por “falsos positivos”


Por lentitud en la justicia quedaron libres 17 militares implicados en 'falsos positivos' de Soacha