23-03- 2016 AI Report to the UN Human Rights Council

23 March 2016
Index: AMR 23/3703/2016
UN Human Rights Council
Thirty-First session

Mr. President,
The Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia are close to signing a peace agreement that we hope will bring an end to a very long conflict between thetwo parties marked by human rights abuses and violations and by endemic impunity.
For peace to be effective, victims’ right to truth, justice and reparation must be respected,
but doubts remain about whether the Agreement on Victims of the Conflict will guarantee such rights.
The authorities must adopt comprehensive measures to end ongoing human rights violations
and abuses and effectively protect those communities and groups most at risk of violationsand abuses.
Indigenous, Afro-descendant and peasant farmer communities continue to be attacked, often to undermine their campaigns against the economic exploitation of their lands. The recent spate of killings of human rights defenders is of particular concern.
The international community must play a greater role in demanding more action by the
Colombian authorities to guarantee the safety of these communicates and groups and to
ensure the right of victims to truth, justice and reparation.
The UN Security Council’s establishment of a political mission to monitor and verify
compliance with an eventual cease-fire and cessation of hostilities is an important
development, but for it to be effective it must include a human rights component and work
hand-in-hand with a strengthened and adequately funded Office in Colombia of the
Thank you Mr. President.